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Imagine having 24/7 access to everything you need to create the perfect Teacher Planner!

Stop wasting time and money on planners that don't work for you. Now you can customize your very own print or digital planner to fit your exact needs!

Join thousands of teachers who are getting organized with the One Stop Teacher Planner. 

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Join the club and get instant access to ALL of our dated lesson planners and classroom resources. Start building a customized teacher planner right away!


Join our exclusive online COMMUNITY to see what other club members are doing with their teacher planners, get tips from the pros, and become inspired.


Members get fun seasonal "Extras" and updated lesson planners and calendars EVERY SINGLE YEAR! No additional cost! It's all included. 


NO COMMITMENT! No contracts! No problem! You can cancel your membership at any time.


It’s not called the One Stop Teacher Planner for nothing! This planner has everything you need to accommodate your schedule, style, and classroom needs. Use PowerPoint or Google Slides to edit and customize your perfect teacher planner!


No matter if you prefer to handwrite or type your lesson plans, this planner is for you. You can even go 100% paperless and use Google Drive to access your planner from any device!


Stop purchasing new planners year after year! As a member of the One Stop Teacher Planner Club, you’ll get updated planners and calendars EVERY SINGLE YEAR! Plus, you’ll get all the new goodies I add to the club throughout the year...all included!


Our club is committed to helping you organize more than just your lesson plans. That’s why we include TONS of classroom tools such as data trackers, to-do lists, grade sheets, meeting notes, password keepers, communication logs, and SO MUCH MORE!

We are always adding more great resources to our One Stop Teacher Planner Club. Here is just some of what’s included in the club.

ALL of our resources are fully EDITABLE AND CUSTOMIZABLE. Everything you see can be used to make a PRINTED OR DIGITAL planner.


We offer all of our lesson plans, calendars and classroom forms in Google Slides and PowerPoint. Use either option to print your planner, or you can simply click and type right onto the pages. Access your digital teacher planner from any device using Google Drive!


The One Stop Teacher Planner club includes a wide variety of designs. With over 100 options and counting, there is something for everyone.


ALL forms, calendars, and lesson plans included in the club come in THREE Styles: Modern, Whimsical & Mixed. You can choose the look that matches your style. Customize your color scheme or print in black and white.


An entire year of pre-dated lesson plans for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 subjects! Choose between subjects across the top or down the side. Customize with your own subjects, times, periods, etc. FULLY EDITABLE


Track important dates and plan your month or year at a glance with a variety of calendars!


3, 4, and 5 group lesson plan templates included. Plus, a small groups notes page to track student progress.


Choose from a wide-variety of digital stickers to add pops of color to your calendars and lesson plans.


Use one of the included daily or weekly to do lists to organize what you need to do and make sure it all gets done.


Keep track of grades and attendance with a variety of trackers. Plus, track your students’ progress with Student Data sheets.


Keep track of every time you communicate with a parent with our Communication Logs.


Use our ready-to-go curriculum maps to plan out your quarter, semester, or entire year. Perfect for long-term planning.


Keep track of your daily class schedule. Plus, track individual student schedules for students who are serviced by other teachers.


While all of the pages can be used for homeschooling, we include a pack of unique forms that are perfect for any homeschooling family. Perfect for tracking your progress, planning your curriculum, and scheduling activities. 


We just named a few, but SO many more goodies are included in our club. Plus, you can customize any of the pages to meet your individual needs.


Once you join the club, we’ll walk you through setting up your first planner and give you lots of tips and tricks to help you along the way.

"I've been using this planner for 3 years. I LOVE everything about it, specifically the ability for me to personalize all the pages I need. I can modify the lesson plan pages to fit the classes I teach. I also like that I can choose the extra pages I use and don't have to buy a pre-made planner with sections I don't use. "

Kristen P.

"I absolutely love the Teacher planner (even as a homeschool mama)! I’ve never before been able to keep up with a teacher planner because my needs constantly change throughout the year and my planner couldn’t adapt. I am blown away by how easily I can adjust each insert to meet my needs and be exactly what I want it to be!!"

Annie S.
Homeschool Mom

"I love the One Stop Planner! I teach 3-4 different high school courses each year and the planner helps keep me organized. The lesson planner is posted digitally for students and admin to see. I was able to edit it to meet my admin requirements. I use other forms to keep track of conferences with students, small group progress, late work, tardiness and absences which are color-coded by class period."

June Y.
High School Teacher

"The one stop planner club has helped me stay organized this school year. I love the ability to print off what I want and personalize how I need. The monthly add-ons are a huge bonus!"

Pam S.

"I love checking in each month for the cute freebies! I also love all the different layouts so I can see which one works best for me and my ever changing schedule!"

Jennifer R.

"I loved how easy it was to use! Whenever I had a question, I got immediate feedback!"

DeAnna L.
First Grade Teacher

"As a homeschool parent, planning is a daunting task. Using the editable One Stop Planner makes it easy to enter lesson plans, change lesson plans and print. My weekly spread always looks fantastic, is legible, and I am good to go. Before I would try to scratch out or white out so I did not have to rewrite but this became tedious, messy and I missed assignments. Customization, is the part I enjoy most. I split columns and rows to accommodate my homeschool needs, I add in the week #, color code the subjects, fun color the days and add in digital stickers that represent a holiday or season. I change the Notes section to field trips or supplies needed. It is really easy to make my own for my needs."

Jeanna G.
Homeschool Mom

"I have struggled for several years to find the planner that had just what I needed that didn't cost an arm and leg. With the One Stop Teacher Planner, I found what I was looking for. It took a little bit of time to set my planner up and get it printed just the way I wanted it, but I now have a planner that fits all of my needs. No more having 3 or more books to try to stay organized. "

Melinda D.
Math Teacher

As soon as you become a member you'll be asked to set up an account, and you'll get immediate access to ALL materials through our website.


To use the included files, you will need access to either Microsoft Office (PowerPoint) or Google Apps.  Our files are compatible with all devices!

With a lifetime membership, you will NEVER lose access to our planner club resources, and you won't have to worry about any yearly fees.  You will also get all monthly and yearly updates at no additional cost. 

If you are looking for the lowest upfront cost, this membership is for you! Each year, your membership will automatically renew for just $12 a year, or you can choose to cancel at any time. 

When you sign up, you’ll be charged a First Year Membership fee of $30. After the first year, you’ll be able to stay in the club and access all current and new materials, including future yearly planners, for just $12 per year. The Club fee will auto-renew each year so that you never have to worry about losing access. 

There is no contract or commitment required to join the club. You can cancel your membership at any time simply by logging into your account. 

Absolutely! Very little technology experience is needed. As long as you have the correct programs, you’ll be just fine. As a club member, you’ll have access to our library of videos that will walk you through the process of putting together your planner.

Yes! The lesson planning pages come predated for 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 periods. If you need something different, there are non-dated alternate templates included in the club. All pages are fully editable and easy to customize. You can add periods or times in place of the subjects in just a few simple steps.

This is a full-sized teacher lesson planner, so you’ll have plenty of room to type or write. All pages can be printed on standard 8.5 x 11 paper.

Yep! As long as you are a member, you’ll be able to access and download updated lesson planners year after year after year.

Absolutely! If you already own our One Stop Teacher Planner, simply go back and download the file again. There is a special offer included in the file that will explain how you can join the club without having to purchase the entire planner again.

Yes! Although the club provides the best value with exclusive monthly "extras" and fun bonus items, you can purchase any of our One Stop Planners on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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  • As long as you're a member, you'll have access to updated planners and seasonal "Extras".



  • With FREE PLANNERS FOR LIFE, this lifetime membership provides the BEST Value!
  • Get immediate access to all resources and never lose access. 
  • Get updated planners every year and seasonal planner "Extras" at no additional cost!
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