The Ultimate Life Planner Club

life planner Jul 07, 2018

Let's face it! We all need a little organization in our life, am I right?  Maybe you are looking to keep track of day to day tasks or your daily to-do list that doesn't seem to end. Or, perhaps you are looking to get some meal planning done for the week or organize yourself for your upcoming trip.  

All of these tasks can feel overwhelming, especially when you don't know where to start!  Plus, finding a life planner that can help you with ALL of these things isn't typically easy to do.  

I know exactly how you feel! Life can be crazy sometimes, and having a reliable way to stay organized can be the difference between saving your sanity or complete chaos. 


The Life Planner That Saved Me!

To save my sanity and hopefully help others just like me, I created the One Stop Life Planner Club. 

First, I absolutely love planners and everything organizational related. It's my thing!  

Second, I like everything in my life to fit MY needs, and premade planners weren't cutting it. 

Enter the idea for the One Stop Life Planner Club...

After creating lesson planners for teachers for YEARS, I started applying everything I learned about creating highly customizable planners and applied it to Life Planners.  I started by creating a list of "life planner must-haves".


My Life Planner MUST-Haves!

  • ADAPTABLE: My planner has to work with my everchanging schedule. Believe it or not, my schedule is not the same 365 days a year like some may think.  Different times in my life call for different kinds of planners.  This truth also applies to different parts of my day; work vs. home.  For this reason, I created FOUR different layouts for the One Stop Life Planner Club.  

  • CUSTOMIZABLE: My planner has to include more than just weekly layouts and notes pages. My life requires more than that! I like to track important dates, my goals, my to-do lists, and so much more. I need a planner where I can customize what pages are included. 

  • APPEALING: I want my planner to look nice! This is the thing I will be looking at every day. I want colors I like and inspiring quotes that make me smile.

  • AFFORDABLE:  This is a big one. Planners should be affordable. Plain and simple. I do not enjoy paying a lot for a premade planner that ends up with tons of unused pages because it didn't fit my life the way I expected it to.  When I created the One Stop Life Planner Club, it was my mission to build something that was so affordable, anyone could join. 


My Planner Solution

I am now excited to present to you the One Stop Life Planner Club!

Here's what you get!

By joining the club, you'll be able to access my entire library of organizational tools and customize them to fit your needs. 

Life Planners...check!

Travel Planner...check!

Financial Planner...check! 

Meal Planner, To-Do Lists, Journals, Habit Trackers....check, check, check, and check!  


An Awesome Community

It's called a "club" for a reason! Members get access to our online community so that we can all share and see what others are doing with their One Stop Life Planners.  If you have a question or just need some inspiration, we've got you covered.


Included Updates EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

Yes! That's right. Our club members always have access to current and newly added planning resources. That includes updated planners and calendars every single year. As long as you are a member, you'll never have to purchase another planner again!


Learn more about the One Stop Life Planner Club and see how it can help you organize your entire life!